Green Infrastructure 2014 Working Group I - Case Study 1

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please add your title here

Name name of the site
Country country
City place
Authors author
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Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

Please explain in short why this site has green infrastructure potential and what makes it special (150 words approx)

Author's perspective

what is your professional/educational background and your relation to the site?

Landscape and/or urban context of your case

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics
  • Illustrations: maps; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Analytical drawings

  • Please use analytical drawing for visualising the conflicts/potentials of your site

Green Infrastructure benefits for this site

Look again at the multiple benefits of green infrastructure - what could be achieved in your site and which are most relevant?

Potential for multifunctionality

Green infrastructure has typically multiple functions. What could be achieved for your site in this respect?

Projective drawings

  • How would you like this case to change in the near future? (in 1-2 years)
    • you may add a short explanation here
  • And how could it look like in 10-15 years?
    • you may add a short explanation here

Summary and conclusion

  • 100 words approx.

Image Gallery

Please add further images/photos here


  • please add your references here

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