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La Coruña, Spain

Name Promenade
Country Spain
City La Coruña
Authors Fernanda Millán
A coruña paseo maritimo 2.jpeg

Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

Coruña is entirely surrounded by the sea, with an important relationship of the people of the city with the sea, both historically and in the present city. It has provided an important source of wealth, with its harbor, and the beaches and the sea play a crucial role in the leisure the city. That is why its promenade deserves special attention, the problem is that the current promenade is a totally longitudinal infraestuctura, separated from the rest of the city by a road that runs parallel, although provided by multiple crosspoint. The rest is to achieve greater cross-connectivity, and to eliminate the continued presence of traffic, without this being a problem for the city traffic. Also, it is a city with a climate with abundant rainfall, which usually collapse this road, and therefore, much of the crossing points towards the promenade are greatly affected, so you should try to correct this issue

Author's perspective

I have a degree in biology, but since the beginning of my career I have worked with the environment, both consulting and landscaping. I'm from La Coruña, and I've almost always lived in this city, and right in front the promenade, and I love to enjoy the sea and the beach in my spare time. That's why I think is being missing a great opportunity for the people of the city can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by sea and beaches

Landscape and/or urban context of your case

  • Urban context.

Coruña is a city located looking out to sea and closely linked to it, in terms of economic and cultural, with its beaches northwest and southeast with its ports, sports, industrial and fishing. The existing green areas in the city are not connected to each otherexcept two of them, the surroundings of the Hercules Tower and the mount of San Pedro, on both ends the promenade. It is not a city with large green spaces, it is a very small town, where neighboring municipalities act as dormitory for much of the population, which is mainly rural, providing green areas

  • Fauna.

Among the fauna in the study area included the avifauna, as it is a coastal ecosystem In Oza Beach, between October and April, depending on the year, we can see loons and grebes here. The most common are great northern loon, red-throated loon and black-necked grebe. They have also been observed in the black-throated loon area yellow-billed loon (first and only date so far for the Iberian Peninsula), horned grebe and red-necked grebe. The common scoter, formerly very numerous, has recently reduced its presence to a handful of copies. It is very common great cormorant and common shag. Some winters years velvet scoter and red-breasted merganser, and more than once have been observed surf scoter, common eider and long-tailed. During high tide the rocks above water are used as Sediment by groups of little egret, oystercatcher and Turnstone. Other common birds are the Mediterranean gull, sandwich tern and the razorbill. Late in the afternoon this is a good place to observe groups of common scoter and lesser black-backed gull and black-headed gull leaving the Ria do Burgo to their roosts.

  • Illustrations: maps; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Analytical drawings

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Green Infrastructure benefits for this site

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Potential for multifunctionality

Green infrastructure has typically multiple functions. What could be achieved for your site in this respect?

Projective drawings

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  • And how could it look like in 10-15 years?
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Summary and conclusion

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