Green Infrastructure 2014 Group 0 - Case Study 4

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Sustainable development of Tehran metropolitan according to green infrastructure index Potential of kan river as a main element of natural ecosystem in Tehran

Name Kan river- valley
Country Iran
City Tehran metropolitan
Authors Mahsa Bazrafshan

Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

Tehran metropolitan is developing very fast with no principle to protect the main criteria of natural ecosystem. Tehran has several main valley with a structure role in city, Kan river is a very famous river-valley and has important role in west north of Tehran. the potential of making eco-city is possible if we notice to it's feature.Kan river is important because of unique characteristic such as topography, hydrology and vegetation and so on. we can find the main criteria of green infrastructure in Kan valley and use them to protect natural ecosystem and natural life and make a natural bed for urban habitat. Tehran is capital city of Iran and this matter explain all the important things for us. Usage the potential of green network and this ecological valley help us to have correct development according to the sustainable index. As we know green infrastructure include different aspect that help us to make the quality of life better. I am a citizen of Tehran and feel existing problem. I think this is the time to use ecological criteria and existing potential in order to reach sustainable city. Building residential complex with no legal revision make big problem for our child. we must think carefully step by step about each action.

Author's perspective

I am graduated student in Environmental design engineering and my M.Sc thesis is about Landscape identity in natural heritage.I have bachelor degree in Landscape Design.We have some course on Riverside parks during our semester. Kan river is one of case study in our project but we should be design it with nature and something different with green infrastructure.People in this area have a lot of problem in order to development and specific spatial location. After our project we can't answer correct criteria to sustainable development and i think green infrastructure can help us to achieve our goals.

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Green Infrastructure benefits for this site

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Potential for multifunctionality

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Projective drawings

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