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Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Each member has an individual page for documenting his/her personal case. You can also access your template for assignment 4 (the joint design) from here. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration!

Assignment 2 - Lecture Concept Map

Green Infrastructure: Performance, appearance, economy and working method

Lecture and discussion with Prof. Dr. Paulo Pellegrino, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Assignment 3 - Green infrastructure potential in your environment

  • Assigned: Tuesday, October 28
  • Due: Monday, December 1

There is one template page for each group member. The case could be a specific site in direct vicinity or a larger area in your region. The objective is to identify structures that have the potential to become elements of a green infrastructure strategy.

Green approaches in Urban Landscape

Living with Water in Dhaka

Rehabilitation of the urban center "Coeur de ville"

Khoramshar-Rivers' Margin

Presentation Slides Assignment 3

Assignment 4 - Collaborative Green Infrastructure Design

  • Assigned: Tuesday, December 2
  • Due: Tuesday, January 26

Collaborative Design Working Group E

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Presentation Slides Collaborative Design