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Area please enter the area name here
Place please enter the town/village name
Country please enter the country here
Topic please enter the topic here
Author(s) Please enter your name(s)
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Rationale: Why have you selected this case study area?

  • Please summarise:- e.g. previous experience, is it your everyday environment?, specific vulnerability, previous research being done etc.

Authors' perspectives

  • What theoretical or professional perspective do you bring to the case study?

Landscape and/or urban context

  • Biogeography, land use patterns, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics
  • ratio of green/blue and sealed/built-up areas

Illustration: Map; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Cultural/social/political context

  • Brief explanation of culture, political economy, legal framework

Illustration: Bullet points, image, background notes

Local Climate

  • What are the climatic conditions at present? Have there been extreme weather events in the near past?
  • Which changes are expected? Is there any evidence?

Illustration: Table or time line

Analysis of vulnerability

  • If you consider these potential changes - which aspects/functions of your case study would be affected?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches/photos/background notes

Proposals for Climate Change Adaption

  • How could your case study area become more resilient to climate change?
  • Which measures would need to be taken to adapt to the new situation?
  • How could you assure sustainability of these measures?
  • Please describe 2-3 measures

Proposals for Climate Change Mitigation

  • Which measures would need to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other drivers of climate change within your case study area?
  • How could you assure sustainability of these measures?
  • Please describe 2-3 measures

Your scenario

  • How will this area look like in 2060?
  • Please forecast one potential future development taking climate change into account

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

What can be generalized from this case study?

  • Are there any important theoretical insights?
  • Which research questions does it generate?
  • Short statement plus background notes

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Please add literature, documentations and weblinks

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