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Yuksel Street in Ankara is one of the busiest and crowded street.Because of  Konur, Karanfil ve Selanik streets that intersect perpendicular to the street,at daily time this area becomes the most crowded area. There are many book stores,courses and gift shops at Konur,Karanfil and Selanik streets.In the middle of the street there is a human statue.In front of this statue made press statements everyday at least one time.Yuksel street is the best suited area for remonstrances in Kızılay.Because of  this feature,this area is always under-kontrol by Police.This street is one of the first streets in Ankara which is closed to cars and use only by pedestrian.One of the most imortant street is Karanfil which intersect Yuksel Street.This routes name is street but it starts from Ziya Gökalp Street to Akay Street.Many people passes this street during the day.People who has to go somewhere by public transport.

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