Sword Lake in Hanoi - Vietnam

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Name Sword Lake
Place Hanoi
Country Vietnam
Author(s) Duy Phan Do
World Heritage if applicable,enter the year of listing

Sword lake.jpg

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Why is this case relevant?

  • Mentioning about Hanoi-the capital city, the most place that comes to their mind is Sword Lake, a symbol and iconic landscape of the capital in particular and of the country in general.

Sword Lake is a natural freshwater lake, located in the center of the capital city, which connects the Old Quarter with the French Quarter built more than a century ago. Sword Lake is like the heart of the capital with many historical, cultural, landscape and ecological values. Around the lake is a walking street and growing a variety of flowers and plants. Sword Lake used to be called Green Water Lake since the water has a special green color that is rarely seen in other lakes. The name Sword Lake (or Lake of the Restored Sword) appeared at the beginning of the 15th century, associated with the legend of King Le Returned the sword to the turtle at the first period of the nation. So, Sword Lake has a very important historical meaning. In the process of development and urbanization, Sword Lake has changed. The rise of some buildings had a negative impact on the landscape as well as the historical value of the lake.

Which idea of ‘design with nature’ guides the design concept of this site?

  • Sword Lake is now situated inside a complex of monuments such as Turtle Tower in the middle of the lake, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower in the surroundings, making a colorful natural landscape picture.

Located right next to Sword Lake is the old quarter - which was recognized as a national cultural monument. Sword Lake with the water and a variety of vegetation system is also home to the rare giant turtles. From the map, you can see that the study area includes the water surface, the surrounding green space, and walking street, along with the historical and cultural monuments in this landscape complex. The purpose of the study is to figure out a strategy and solution to improve the quality of landscape however to preserve the historical and cultural values of Sword Lake.

Which challenges is this landscape facing?

  • Here you discuss the types of the negative impact you are observing but you can also mention new functions that could give a development opportunity

What would be your strategy for improvement?

Finally, please share some ideas of how you would initiate positive change for your heritage area

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