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Policy Framework

The Japanese Garden

  • Bring Mitchell, Wayembergh Josse, Japanese Gardens: Design and Meaning.
  • Gunter Nitschke Japanese Gardens: Right Angle and Natural Form.
  • Keane Marc, Japanese Garden Design.
  • Kuitert Wybe, Themes in the History of Japanese Garden Art.
  • Shirane Haruo, Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts.
  • Tagsold Christian, Spaces in Translation: Japanese Gardens and the West (Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture).
  • Takei Jiro,Keane Marc Peter , Sakuteiki : Visions of the Japanese Garden.
  • CSIRO resources:
  • Documentary on (Asian and Japanesse) gardens:
  • Application for the Waza to Kokoro: Hands and Heart seminar, June 3-9, 2019, is open. Details at Email:

The Gardens of the Alhambra

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