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Short Introduction to the Area of Study

In my master course, for the last semester, I am working on Remstal Valley near Stuttgart. The project area is almost 70km long, linear axis along the river. The area is important with its traditional, time-to-time typical southern German landscape elements. The project is about assessing the landscape scenery in Remstal region in Germany- area heavily influenced with road infrastructure. For analyzing we took different criteria such as: sound disturbance, landscape patterns and Landscape colors. Sound pollution will be calculated with GIS analysis using parameters such as topography and landscape buffers- forests and arable fields. As a result we will develop sonic scenario "how could it sound like" by recorded the sounds from the project area and then editing and filtering these sound data. As for the landscape patterns and color analysis, it is going to result with visual scenarios of a change in a landscape. On the end we will merge these two analyses in order to find the most pleasant areas to be. After finding out our parameters for landscape assessment in Remstal, second step will making some decisions and improving some concepts if the landscape should be protected as it is, should it be improved in order to preserve the existing texture.

Exercise 1: Sketching the Landscape

Time frame: October 25 - November 15, 2011

Student activities:

  • Creation of analytical drawings and sketches
  • Presentation of results

Please upload a selection of your drawings/sketches/mental maps and add them to the image gallery

Sketches and Drawings

Exercise 2: Landscape Layers

Time frame: November 15 - 29, 2011

  • time based changes and 'landscape biography', and/or:
  • topography, open spaces, built, green, traffic and water structures on different layers. *Definition of zones with coherent character
  • Description of this character.

Please publish your findings here

Exercise 3: Behaviour Patterns

Time frame: December 6 - 20, 2011

  • How do people behave in this area? How do they use the space? What is important for them?
  • Observation of study area, interviews with local people and mapping of use patterns.
  • Preparation of short presentation

Please publish your findings here

Exercise 4: Communication Concepts

Time frame: December 19, 2011 - January 17, 2012

  • Based on the different landscape assessment approaches students will develop a communication concept for their area of study
  • Which measures would be necessary for enhancing the awareness for the area?
  • Students are free to choose their method.

Please publish your findings here

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