Planting Design Collaborative Phase

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Please add the title of your case study here, adjust the map coordinates and replace the moa image with a characteristic image of your site

Name add name
Location add location
Country add country
Authors add author

Landscape and/or urban context of your case

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics
  • Illustration: Map; sketches; short descriptive analyses

What are the objectives of your design?

Please give a short written argumentation (not more than 150 words). It is ok if you have different or even contradicting objectives within your group. Just make it explicit at the beginning of your process

Analytical drawings

Please add four analytical sketches/drawings (or montages/schemes) of your case. Every group member needs to contribute at least one drawing.

Projective drawings

  • Please add four projective sketches/drawings (or montages/schemes). Every group member needs to contribute at least one drawing.

Design Synthesis

Please analyse the individual approaches presented so far and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses (you may use the SWOT model). Try to create a synthesis and represent it with a plan and some sketches. You can still use drawings/sketches.

Summary of the collaborative process

Please reflect on your collaborative design process. Which potentials have you encountered? What was most difficult? What does collaborative design mean for you? (approx 150 words).

Image Gallery

You may add a series of images/photos in addition to the sketches/drawings


* Please make sure that you give proper references of all external resources used.

* Do not use images of which you do not hold the copyright.

* Please add internet links to other resources if necessary.

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