Minutes of Seventh Plenary Session

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Presentation Part

A presentation of the Caulim Creek Neighborshed green infrastructure plan was presented by Thelma Hisayasu and Paulo Pellegrino, both University Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Working Group Part

In the second part of the session some explanations on the development of the case study synthesis have been made followed by a short meeting of the working groups to discuss current issues.

In preparation for the synthesis session on Wednesday 21 at 18 pm the following steps are recommended:

  • Complete synopsis of core question answers in table format and forward it to group members for consultation (best before week-end)
  • Analyse table contents, following questions such as:
    • Which commonalities exist?
    • Are there any gaps?
    • Are there any unusal approaches?
    • Differences?
    • Thematic clusters?
  • Visualise your findings
    • some interesting approaches have already been made in the Working Group Nature Conservation: Example 1,Example 2
    • Are there any further questions developing from your analysis?

Structure of Synthesis Session, January 21:

  • Present findings on 1-2 slides per person and per core question
  • All slides will be presented in the plenary
  • Time frame approx. 5 minutes / person
  • Please send your slides to Ellen on January 21 before noon (12 am German time) for the latest or upload it to the WIKI in your synthesis chapter.