Minutes Wednesday, 18th of December 2013, Session 8

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Session Recording

Perspectives from Italy: Images of nature and green infrastructure concepts


  • Maria Beatrice Andreucci|University La Sapienza|Rome, Italy

Seminar recording

Next steps: Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Lecture Topics

  • each working group will document one lecture in the form of a concept map.
  • The lecture given on 11th of December by Heike Kaiser will be done by groups 6, 16 and 26
  • This is to be completed until 30th of December
  • The lecture given on 18th of December by Maria Beatrice Andreucci will be done by groups 17 and 27
  • This is to be completed until 3rd of January

Next steps: Assignment 4 - Collaborative Design

  • a template for the collaborative design has been added to your working group page
  • you need to decide on the site of your collaborative project before the seminar break (meaning now)
  • complete the first sections (landscape context and objectives) before our next session on January 8, 2014.

Next session

  • Wednesday, 8th of January 2014, 18 pm CET
  • Construction with Living Plants - lecture and discussion with Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig, Stuttgart University, Germany