Minutes Wednesday, 15th of January 2014, Session 10

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Session Recordings

New German Style

Lagos Tree Planting Campaign

Next steps: Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Lecture Topics

  • each working group will document one lecture in the form of a concept map.
  • The lecture given on 15th of January by Nora Huxmann will be done by group 9
  • This is to be completed until 29th of January
  • The lecture given on 15th of January by Fadera Williams will be done by group 19
  • This is to be completed until 29th of January

Next steps: Assignment 4 - Collaborative Design

  • steps that should be completed until now: selection of the site, chapters on landscape/urban context, design objectives and analytical drawings
  • steps to be completed until the next session on January 22: complete section 'projective drawings'
  • each group member will contribute at least one projective drawing, please make use of a diversity of approaches.
  • please be aware that this is the last working phase before the group presentations starting on January 29.
  • this is the template for the final presentation. You need to submit your slides on January 28.

Next session

  • Wednesday, 22nd of January 2014, 18 pm CET
  • Contemporary landscape design - lecture and discussion with Mark Krieger, landscape architect in Hamburg/Germany and lecturer at HSR Rapperswil/Switzerland