Minutes May 11, 2010

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In the beginning, Heike pointed out the new schedule of this session in contrary to to the seminar structure and process as there had been problems in finding a speaker at short notice since the scheduled speakers from Istanbul had both cancelled for this session.

Presentation of Concept Maps (Reading exercise)

The following Concept Maps from an article were presented:

The other concept map presentations will be distrubuted among the following seminar sessions and fitting to the respective themes (if possible). Some students were asked to improve their illustrations in terms of size, readibility and resolution. All concept maps of the Reading exercise are listed here

In terms of future organisation of the seminar, Heike asked for feedback according to the Reading exercise and provided some advice in cases of various problems:

Introduction into Student Case Studies (Publishing exercise)

In the first two seminar sessions, the students had been requested to think about an appropriate case study for their online documentation among the Student Case Studies.

Now Heike asked the students to write their ideas on text fields for a short presentation and discussion. Moreover, she encouraged the students to write their ideas into the respective ECLAS themes in the WIKI as soon as possible so that thei case studies could be linked to the Case Study Template.

Introduction into Land8Lounge discussion group (Analysing exercise)

Heike reminded the participants once more to sign up in Land8Lounge and the specific discussion group as it will be needed from May 18 on due to small group discussions for the Analysing exercise according to the ECLAS themes.

Questions and Outlook

A short question round proved that students had basically understood the next steps. In the end, Heike was happy to announce the next seminar session with an expert lecture from Istanbul.

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