Minutes June 15, 2010

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In the beginning, Heike pointed out the schedule of this session according to the seminar structure and process.

Expert Presentation

The first case study presentation by Jörg Dettmar | TU Darmstadt was about Emscher Landscape Park / RUHR 2010, dealing with

  • facts about the Ruhr metropolitan region
  • urban development of the Ruhr region 1840 - 1970
  • Waterscape: Emscher river
  • coal mining development / Demographic change
  • IBA Emscher Park
  • Landscape parks Emscher and Duisburg - Nord
  • Cycle trail
  • Redevelopment of former industrial structures / Industrial Culture Trail
  • IBA Landscape / Land Art projects
  • Development of vegetation and green corridors
  • Emscher Masterplan / River rehabilitation
  • RUHR.2010 projects: Buildings / Landscape / Arts / Transport

The second case study presentation by Hans-Peter Rohler | foundation 5+, Kassel was about Park-Autobahn A42, dealing with

  • Tips / Mining subsidence / Waterscape / Transport system
  • Industrial Heritage Trail / Industrial Nature Trail
  • Emscher Landscape Park / A42: situation + planning objective
  • Parkautobahn A42: feasibility study
  • Parkautobahn A42: design elements
  • Parkautobahn A42: organisational structure
  • Details
    • Ear Parks
    • Gateways
    • Park Service Stations
    • Park Gates
    • Accompanying vegetation
    • Park trees: Redwoods
    • Technical noise protection

Both presentations are downloadable from the password-protected Moodle webpage from the link below, the password has been given to the seminar participants per e-mail.

Jörg Dettmar | TU Darmstadt: Relations between Emscher Landscape Park and Ruhr.2010

Hans-Peter Rohler | foundation 5+, Kassel: Parkautobahn A42

Next steps: Final presentations (Publishing + Analysing exercises)

Heike reminded the student group of the task for June 22:


In the end, Heike announced the next seminar session which will be used for the final presentation of the following groups:

Lecture Recording

Please follow these links for listening to the seminar recordings:

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