Minutes December 20 2011

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Lecture by Professor Mohammed Masoud Al-Abdullah

Professor Masoud from University of Dammam, Saudi-Arabia, gave some theoretical background on how to document and assess behaviour patterns. The theory was illustrated with a case study related to a large beach recreation area that has been designed recently for the city of Dammam. Mr Masoud provided interesting insights into the outdoor behaviour patterns of traditional muslim societies. The discussion highlighted again the importance of analysing behaviour patterns as part of the design process in landscape architecture.

The recording is available here:

Assignment 4: Communication and Awareness-Raising

During the last three sessions of the seminar all participants will be asked to present their ideas of how the everyday landscape can be communicated to the wider public. For doing this you are invited to use methods that do not belong to the core instruments of landscape architecture such as planning and design. But first of all, you have to be clear of what you want to communicate - like specific (hidden) potentials you have identified, problems and threats you became aware of, layers that should be more visible and so on.

During the session, we collected some thoughts in addition to some proposals I had prepared. Please feel free to choose one or more of these while being aware that this list is neither prescriptive nor complete, it should help you to make up your mind.

Potential 'channels' for communicating your ideas are:

  • visual media: signs, posters, boards, flyer, websites, videos
  • audio media: radio broadcast
  • activities: guided tours, stollology, festivities, pick-nicks, making space visible through new/unusual activities
  • artistic interventions ...you may take some time to reflect upon Joseph Beuys' concept of the social sculpture
  • proactive gardening such as guerrilla gardening, community gardening, collective tree planting ...
  • feel free to extend the list!

Due date and expected output

  • Upload of results by 9th of January 2012.
  • Please visualise your approach with three images/slides. You can do a simulation of your idea using common tools such as fotomontage, sketch, diagram, concept map, scheme....To be clear: you do not need to implement this on a 1:1 scale (you can do it if you wish of course) - simulations will do for the moment!

Comments to your Group Members

  • Please continue commenting on your group members' discussion pages. Your comments should refer to issues you think could be relevant for the awareness-raising process. Your comments should help your group members to find new aspects.

Order of Presentations

Your findings will be presented to the plenary one after the other with short discussions after each presentation.

  • 10th of January
    • Transportation Landscape
    • Residential Landscapes
    • Rural Environment
  • 17th of January
    • Urban Rivers and Squares
    • Urban Streets
    • Parks and Gardens
  • 24th of January
    • Mixed Uses 1 + 2