May 27, 2009 - First group meeting WG 03

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  • date: May 27, 2009
  • notestaker: Ellen Fetzer
  • participants: Ellen Fetzer, Oana Dobre

During this first session only the case study on Cinematic Landscape was presented by Oana Dobre. The Iza Valley could not be presented for technical reasons and other authors have not been present. The case study presentation is going to be continued on June 3rd.

However, some interesting themes can be generalised from the Cinematic Landscape case, which describes a rural landscape along the train line between Videle and Girugiu in soutern Romania close to the Bulgarian border.

The following themes might be developed further:

  • Landscape perception the context of declining landscapes (deindustrialisation)
  • Rural landscapes and the specific (visual) perspective of urban people
  • Landscape diversity - how to define it?