June 10, 2009 - Third group meeting WG 02

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  • date: June 10, 2009
  • notestaker: Emel Baylan
  • moderator: Heike Kaiser
  • participants: Isin Barut, Aycim Turer Baskaya, Emel Baylan, Itziar Leon, Ellen Fetzer

Presentation of Case Studies (Tour de Table)

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Discussion of cross-cutting themes

  • short introduction by participants about their offered core-themes
  • discussing connections of the themes
  • finding questions due to connected themes

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Joint Questions for cross-cutting themes (suggested)

1. How may landscape architecture contribute to integration of different age groups, ethnics etc. in urban fringe?

  • Integration in an urban area
  • Quality of life in rur-urban areas
  • Flexibility of life styles

2. How can the transformation process be connected with the landscape sub-typologies?

  • where does rural start?
  • Rur-urban
  • Dynamics flows between urban and peri-urban areas
  • Monitoring land-use change

3. How may landscape planning contribute to quality improvement?

  • Aesthetic quality
  • Environmental quality
  • Social quality

4. The maintenance and development of agricultural land-use in urban fringes can be a strategy of a greenbelt?

  • Agriculture in the urban fringe
  • Agriculture as a green infrastructure element
  • Green infrastructure
  • Creating green links for wholeness
  • Greenbelt, agriculture as a part of it

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