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<gallery caption="Analytical Drawings" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="4">
<gallery caption="Analytical Drawings" widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="4">
Image:your drawing.jpg|your drawing
Image:Linking.jpg|Integrate agriculture zones and parks with the cit center.
Image:your drawing.jpg|your drawing
Image:your drawing.jpg|your drawing
Image:your drawing.jpg|your drawing
Image:your drawing.jpg|your drawing

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Name Unaizah City Centre'
Country Saudi Arabia
City Unaizah,Alqassim
Authors Mugharbil,Rakan And Alsaqabi,Omar
City Center Paths1.png
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Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

The masterplan works with the city’s existing heritage and character, taking inspiration from the surrounding plantations by including date palms throughout the plan, which according to the architects “provide the city of Unayzah with a strong identity”. The plan also keeps the existing buildings in the city center, refitting the facade of an existing mall complex with green walls and waterfalls. The new buildings will feature facades inspired by traditional architecture to sit comfortably alongside other existing buildings.

Different street widths and organically designed transitions between alleys, streets and squares create pedestrian areas with an appealing human scale, and generous amounts of date palms and urban furniture will provide the necessary sun shading.

Author's perspective

what is your professional/educational background and your relation to the site?

Landscape and/or urban context of your case

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics
  • Illustrations: maps; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Analytical drawings

  • Please use analytical drawing for visualising the conflicts/potentials of your site

Green Infrastructure benefits for this site

Look again at the multiple benefits of green infrastructure - what could be achieved in your site and which are most relevant?

Potential for multifunctionality

Green infrastructure has typically multiple functions. What could be achieved for your site in this respect?

Projective drawings

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  • And how could it look like in 10-15 years?
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Summary and conclusion

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