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Barrancas de Belgrano(slopes)

Buenos aires began to urbanize in the early XIX century. The characteritics of the land had influenced in the way that the city grew. It was a plain bordered by slopes of the silver river(Rio de la Plata). The seaport had the most important activity; from it, Buenos Aires could exchange merchandises and comunicate with the world.

Cities wich respect, adapt and reveal the evolution and topography of the landscape are more well-designed than other that force the natural geography of the aerea.

when residents of this city of all age or tourists visit this area, they notice that this movement of the land is different. something is happening. This area tell us about history and the topography of buenos aires. It is beatifull area because you dont need knowloges about history, can feel this and the landscape tell about this.

A great deal of people visit this mix area every day.During the week the area has important comercial activity until the evening. At night a lot of pubs and restaurant receive people. The "Chinatown" create a nightscape with the typical lighting chiniese lanterns.This part of the area has life every day of the week but in the weekend it increase. In the chiniese celebration a crowd visit the place.

In Barrancas de Belgrano Park, people walking with their dogs,drink mate and sweet rolls and biscuits(facturas,churros),dance TANGO at the roundabot, sunbathers(the slope is very confortable to lay there). Children climb the slopes, play and jump shooting from these. It is a beautifull park with a big botanical species. The landscaping design was made by charles thays, an french architect.

In front the park there are food stalls and many stop of the bus.Behind these is the train station Belgrano

Belgrano is, in general, a neighborhood of middle to hight social class, but in the area you can find diferent class and cultures.

People from diferent places arrive here because the area offer different transports,train and a lot of bus lines.

Dear Ana, Malena:

  The added pictures are very good, I think it shows some of the people activities that are not the most conspicuos (as it is shopping, for example).

It would be great if you can add a comment on maybe two of the questions of the last group discussion:

- Do space and behaviour correspond? - How does people's behaviour change the place?


The behaviour of people correspond with this area. The area has diferent offer to activities so people behaviour different too.

The pedestrian circulation where there are bus stops and train station is more quickly than places of ride activities.They want to leave the place because they are there to take the bus and go to another place. Perhaps they stay there more time if they consume fast food in the shops located in this street wich are special for this activity.

The people that visit the Park , chinatown ,shop have another walking pace, they walk appreciating all the landscape or windows shopping.You can look them taking photographs, walking the dog, shopping.

The traffic is changing along the Juramento street too. The traffic direction on Juramento street is since chinatown-train station to Cabildo Street From the point Where Jureamento is crossed by the train, the traffic is increasing. From two lanes of cars, juramento cross Virrey del Pino increase to four lanes to a cars.