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Dear participants,

Please use this page as a forum if you have questions concerning the guest lectures.

Accessing password protected resources on Moodle

  • Dear Ellen/Heike

We are having trouble to access the guest lectures and the resources pages which are useful inputs to focus assingment#1. As we enter user and password but the displayed page doesn`t seem to be the correct one (a german university page showing course options appears). We are going to need some help to work this out. Thank you Best regards, Alejandro Recoba

  • Dear Alejando, password protected documents (this is for copyright reasons) are stored at the learning platform of your university in Nürtingen. So when you enter user name and password your come to this page. After having logged in you need to go back to the WIKI page and click again on the link to the resource - then it should appear. This used to work directly but probably changed with the last update of the learning platform.

Best wishes, Ellen