Mogan Lake nearby Ankara, Turkey

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Name Mogan Lake
Place Ankara/Gölbası Municipality
Country Turkey
Author(s) Emel Baylan
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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.855992" lon="32.817535" zoom="10" width="300" height="250">

39.757475, 32.791946 Mogan Lake </googlemap>>

Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

Mogan Park landscape project is interesting for me about the participation dimension because of being a typical case in Turkey. It is a small scale project but the experiences faced during the project preparations, design and implementation show the state of art on participation in Turkey. It is a simple but good example to understand the weaknesses and threats on participatory approaches for planning and management of landscape in Turkey.

Author's personal background

I am a landscape architect and working as a research assistant at Department of Landscape Architecture in Ankara University, Turkey.

I did my MLA about nature conservation and landscape planning on water resources.

Currently, I am doing my doctorate study on participatory landscape planning for natural resource management, on a case area in Turkey.

Process Biography Scheme

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Who initiated the project and why?

Local government- Environment Protection and Control Unit Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Area Municipality- initiated the project.

When was public participation most intensive?

Public participation was most intensive during the implementation phase of Mogan Park Project.

Which participation tools have been applied?

Meetings with stakeholders, especially NGOs related with nature conservation and spatial planning.

On which level of participation?

Public participation was on the "information giving level" after project design has finished and during implementation phase.

Which stakeholders have been involved?


Stakeholders involved into the planning, design&implementation phases of Mogan Park Project

Have there been any festivities in order to involve the public?

There has been no festivity in order to involve the public.

Who made the major decisions and when?

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  • Ankara Metropolitan Area Municipality

1. during the decision making process about recreational needs of Ankara citizens and about potential areas for recreation in Ankara Metropolitan Area.

2. Project design and implementation phases of Mogan Park Project in Golbasi Special Protection Area (SPA).

  • Special Environment Protection Agency

1. During the declaration of Mogan-Eymir Basins as Golbasi SPA.

2. During the implementation of environmental management projects in the Golbası SPA.

3. During the implementation of Mogan Park Project.

  • Private Design and Construction Firms

1.During the design,implementation/construction phases of Mogan Park Project.

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