Minutes Tuesday, 8th of January 2013

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Session Recording and Materials

Seminar theme 1: Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and the Landscape Architect: Exploring Alternative Energy Landscapes

Speaker: Dr. Sven Stremke|Wageningen University, NL

Seminar Slides:

Further Reading

Seminar theme 2: Engaging Communities on Climate Change with Visual Learning Tools

Speaker: professor Stephen SheppardPhD., ASLA, Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, UBC Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

Seminar Recording and Slides:

Further Reading

  • Stephen R.J. Sheppard: Visualizing Climate Change A Guide to Visual Communication of Climate Change and Developing Local Solutions, Routledge, 2012, read more
  • CALP Publications

Seminar theme 3: Energy Landscapes and Social Acceptability

Speaker: Dr. Olaf Schroth, University of Sheffield Seminar Recording and Slides:

Further Reading

Tasks for the next session

Assignment 2

  • Working groups J + K to complete assignment 2 before January 21

Assignment 3

Next Steps

  • the deadline for this assignment will be on Monday, January 14. For the assessment we will consider the status of this day
  • please add visualisations of your ideas to the wiki (also hand-drawn sketches are welcome!)
  • In addition, the three presentation slides for the plenary need to be uploaded on January 14 as well. We have added separate section for this on your case study pages. For this you can save your Powerpoint as JPGs and then upload these individual files.

Preparation of presentation

  • please enter your group name and preferred presentation time to the googledocs spreadsheet (link has been sent by e-mail)

General Issues

  • This wiki has a citation extension installed. Please find more details on how to use this practical function here.
  • add an image and the map to your case study page, details on how to do this are given in the help section if not done yet, please do not overwrite existing files.
  • please consider that copyright applies to both images and texts. Please always cite correctly. Images from other sources (like other webpages) can not be uploaded to this wiki unless you have an admission from the authors or the image is free of copyright (like creative commons). You can also set links to other sites so we can find an image/map/graph you want to refer to.

Preparation for the next session

  • The next session will be on January 15, usual time. The speaker is Dr. Sanda Lenzholzer|Wageningen University, NL