Minutes October 19, 2010

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Round of introductions

After a general welcome note to the seminar participants, the teachers of the 6 participating universities were asked to localise themselves on the world map and to shortly introduce themselves.

Seminar structure and contents

In the following, Doris explained the seminar background as well as the contents of the blocks I - III. Then Heike gave an outlook for a possible continuation of the seminar in block IV and showed a scheme of the overall seminar structure which is illustrated in detail under Course schedule.

Guest lectures

The session continued with a guest lecture by Dóra Drexler, Corvinus University / Hungary: European Landscape Perceptions, accompanied by the following participants' interactive contributions:

The second lecture was held by Galen Newman, Clemson Universiy / USA: American Landscape Architecture Theory, underlined by the following participants' interactive contributions:

Both presentations are downloadable from the password-protected Moodle page, the password has been given to the seminar participants per e-mail.

Next steps

After these guest lectures, Heike explained the next steps according to Assignment 1 and reminded the participants to register in the Seminar WIKI with full name as soon as possible in order to be able to upload and edit their contributions.

Questions / Answers

A short questions / answers round proved that the students had basically understood the next steps. In future, the students are kindly asked to use the respective discussion section of the current assignment to ask questions. These sections will be checked by Ellen and Heike on a regular basis.

Next online meeting

Lecture Recordings

Please follow these links for listening to the seminar recordings:

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