Minutes Landscape and Democracy Seminar, Tuesday, 24th of November 2015

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Session materials

  • The invited lecture was given by Paula Horrigan|Cornell University|US titled Community Design: Origins, Approaches, Directions

Map of seminar participants

  • View the participants' map here.
  • Please add your location if you have not done it yet.

Landscape and democracy literature

Next working steps for active participants

Assignment 2 - Concept mapping of seminar topics

Assignment 3 - Landscape democracy cases in your environment

  • Please identify your working group page. You can see that there are templates prepared for each group member where you can document your case.
  • The template gives you further work instructions, plese also read the assignment description
  • For the upcoming session on December 1:
    • finalize your case studies and prepare a group presentation according to this template
    • send your group presentation to your seminar tutor until Monday, November 30.

Next session

Tuesday, 1st of December 2015, 18 pm CET

  • working groups interim presentation