Minutes January 11, 2011

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Seminar schedule

Heike welcomed everyone to session no. 10 and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Then she explained the agenda and pointed out the seminar schedule. You can find the overall seminar schedule here: Course schedule.

Student presentations - Assignment 4: Landscape concepts in comparison

The session continued with the following students presenting their concept maps based on a comparison between landscape concepts from their cultural background and the landscape concept(s) illustrated in a scientific paper from the Seminar resources:


After each presentation, there was a short oral discussion in order to clear misunderstandings derived during the presentations and to point out essential aspects.

Next online meetings

The next session will be on January 18, 2011, mainly consisting of another two students presentations. The seminar will end on January 25, 2011 with the last student presentation and a seminar resume / feedback round.

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