Minutes December 21, 2010

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Seminar schedule

Heike welcomed everyone to session no. 09, explained the agenda and pointed out the seminar schedule. You can find the overall seminar schedule here: Course schedule.

Guest lecture

The session started with a guest lecture by Fernando Martinez Agustoni, BIOS Institute, Montevideo: The Sense on / of Landscape Design


Afterwards, Heike started a discussion on various subjects. Here are the contents:

Next steps

After the discussion, Heike reminded of the next 2 steps according to Assignment 4: Landscape concepts in comparison.

Questions / Answers

Heike asked if there were any questions. The assignment seemed clear to everyone.

In general, the students are asked to use their respective discussion page of the current assignment to ask questions. These sections will be checked by the group mentors on a regular basis.

Next online meeting

The next session will be on January 11, 2010, consisting of 1-2 students' presentations according to Assignment 4.

Lecture Recording

Please follow these links for listening to the seminar recordings:

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