Minutes December 07, 2010

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Seminar schedule

Heike welcomed everyone to session no. 07, explained the agenda and pointed out the seminar schedule. You can find the overall seminar schedule here: Course schedule.

Student presentations II - Assignment 3: Future landscapes

The session continued with the following student groups presenting their case study comparisons:


Afterwards, there was an open discussion.

Next steps

After the discussion, Heike reminded of the next 2 steps according to Assignment 4: Landscape concepts in comparison. She also asked the students to give feedback according to who is going to do the next assignment on a voluntary basis.

Questions / Answers

In general, the students are asked to use their respective discussion page of the current assignment to ask questions. These sections will be checked by the group mentors on a regular basis.

Next online meeting

The next session will be on Dec 14, 2010, consisting of the following parts:

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