Landscape and Democracy Assignment 5: Post-seminar concept mapping

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Time Frame

  • assigned: Tuesday, January 26
  • submission: Monday, February 2

Task Description

This assignment aims to assess in how far your knowledge has developed in the course of the seminar. Again, the task is to develop a concept map on the focus question:

What is the relationship of democracy and landscape?

You may redevelop your previous map or create an entirely new one.

Submission Format

  • Format: Please save or convert your file to a PDF Format. The map should be well readable on an A3 sheet.
  • Target group: This file will not be shown to the group. The purpose of this exercise is to identify the knowledge evolution of the seminar participants and your file will only be read by the seminar coordinator. Therefore, please send your file per e-mail.
  • This concept map will not be graded. However, the submission is compulsory for completing the course.