June 03, 2009 - Second group meeting WG 02

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  • date: June 3, 2009
  • notestaker: n.n.
  • moderator: Heike Kaiser
  • participants: Isin Barut, Harun Ekinoglu

Presentation of Case Studies (Tour de Table)

case study presentations still missing and to be presented on June 10:

  • Revitalization development of Greenbelt "Fecility" in Yanjiao, China by Ran Tao and Chinyi Gu
  • Landscape Planning in protected areas: The Eastern mountains of Bogotá, Columbia by Victoria Solis Pauwels
  • Evaluation of the Green system of Istanbul and improving proposals at urban-rural fringes of the Metropolitan urban region, Turkey by Harun Ekinoglu
  • Sardinia's Landscape, Italy by Mauro Manca, Debora Tintis and Marco Basciu

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